Air-Fried Clams with WATCHAREE's Pad Thai Sauce


In May, 2014 we launched traditional and authentic WATCHAREE's Thai sauces, starting in Portland, Maine, and are now selling in over 80 stores throughout New England. I am personally grateful to all of you who have been providing tremendous support and good ideas. You have inspired me to share my passion for Thai cuisine. We will continue to develop premium quality authentic products.
Please visit to find stores in your location. If you would like our products to be sold in specialty food stores near you, please make suggestions to your stores and have them contact us at  We can distribute throughout New England and in parts of New York.


Two weeks ago we launched our new Pad Thai sauce and will soon post recipes and a cooking video on how to prepare pad Thai using our new sauce on Recipes will include pad Thai with grilled lobster, pad Thai (vegan), fried Maine seafood, lobster roll, stir fried mixed vegetables with tofu, wild rice salad (vegan), grilled cod with roasted vegetables, chicken wings, and fresh spring rolls.
We are very excited to share our Thai culinary creations!


Our summer pop-up cooking class is coming on June 7 at O'Maine Studios in Portland. We have only a few spots left. Students will learn how to make two authentic main dishes and refreshing Thai drink. The menu will be revealed 48 hours before the event.
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2 lbs steamer clams
2 cups all purpose flour
4 cups panko Japanese bread crumbs
3 eggs
3 tbs water (to make egg wash)
1 tbs water for AirFryer
Oil sprayer (healthy oil of your choice)
Soak the clams for two or three hours, drain and rinse under cold water. Bring one inch of water in a pot with a tight-fitting lid to simmer. Cover the pot and steam until clams are open for about 7-10 minutes. Do not overcook the steamers.
Remove clams from the shell, strip the skin off the neck and set aside.
To prepare egg wash, crack eggs in a small bowl and whisk the eggs with water.
Dip steamers in flour and shake off excess flour. Coat the steamers with egg wash and press the steamers gently into panko and coat completely.
Set Philips AirFryer to 350F. Add 1 tbs of water to the bottom of the AirFryer. Misting steamers with oil sprayer, place steamers in the basket inside the AirFryer for 7-10 minutes depending on the size of steamers. Remove from the basket and serve with WATCHAREE's Pad Thai sauce.
Alternatively, heat oil in a pan or deep fryer to 375F. Fry clams until golden brown for 4-5 minutes. Drain on paper towels and serve with WATCHAREE's Pad Thai sauce.