Fresh Lettuce Wraps with Pad Thai Sauce

Hope you are able to enjoy gorgeous fall colors where you are.

Fresh Lettuce Wraps with Pad Thai Sauce     

WATCHAREE'S pad Thai sauce

Cooked shrimp, cut to bite size

Fresh lime, dice to small pieces including rind

Fresh ginger, dice to small cubes

Fresh red or green chili, dice to small pieces

Unsalted roasted peanuts or cashew nuts

Deep fried shallots

Lettuce leaves of your choice

Nasturtium flowers and leaves (optional)


Rinse lettuce leaves and pat dry.  Assemble each wrap with shrimp, ginger, lime, fresh chili, peanuts or cashew nuts and fried shallots.   To serve, drizzle with WATCHAREE'S pad Thai sauce.  Enjoy!


If you can find nasturtium blossoms and their edible leaves, serve both blossoms and leaves.  Hope you will enjoy the peppery taste together with our pad Thai sauce.


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